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Sunday, 7 September 2014

Swiss Cottage Tower Final Decision — Thursday 11 September at Camden Town Hall, Judd Street, WC1H 9JE

From Swiss Cottage Action Group

Dear Supporter,

We hope you have chance to see this week's Ham and High and Camden New Journal.  As their editorials make clear, we urgently need people to attend the Council's planning meeting on Thursday 11th September at Camden Town Hall, Judd Street, WC1H 9JE.
The meeting starts at 6.30pm, but we are advising people to get there by 6pm.

Although the planning officer has recommended the proposal on balance, the final word rests with our councillors who will have to vote on the issue.
Obviously, the more of us they see there the better.

Please let us know if you will be able to come or if there is anything we can do to help you travel there.  

Please also spread the word as widely as possible to friends, neighbours and family.

I apologise for the short notice, but we are not responsible for setting the time and date of the meeting.

Thank you in advance.

Best wishes,


(on behalf of) 

Swiss Cottage Action Group

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Swheatie comments:
This is a monstrous decision on the part of Camden Council's planners, worthy of the American emergency services telephone number date. The 24 storey monstrosity skyscraper or tower interferes with a number of conservation areas, would blot out much of the sun for long period of the year in the Swiss Cottage area, and the building process in such a confined space would add to pollution with no real provision of social housing.

See also from the Camden New Journal letters pages:

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