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Saturday, 11 June 2016

KUWG plus anarchist friends in support of Tony Cox, Thurs. 9 June 2016

Campaigning with Kwug is fun at times!

Kim has kindly supplied the following illustrated report of KUWG's operation outside Kilburn Jcp on the date of Tony Cox's legal defence of advocacy in Scotland.(1)

Tony Cox's photogenic Kilburn Groupies exhibit 1

Here is a report back of our leafleting session to support Tony Cox. On June 9th at 9.45 am, six members of Kilburn Unemployed Workers Group were joined by two anarchists from Bromley by Bow outside of Kilburn JCP. Our Bromley by Bow friends told us they had searched online for an event in honour of Tony Cox and up popped KUWG and along they came.

Tony Cox's photogenic Kilburn Groupies exhibit 2
The two accompanying photos were taken seconds before 10am and sent off to SUWN (Scottish Unemployed Workers Network). There were the usual Kuwggie komedies, such as me reading via the bullhorn and the apoplectic JCP manager coming out to complain my voice carried into the jobcentre. The irony being, clumsily. I always hold the bullhorn the wrong way round, at his insistence, I adjusted it to face the correct way so then it was indeed blaring straight into Kilburn JCP...and this seemed to pacify him! Jobcentre plus managers. There to help you reach your full potential!

Two KUWG members spoke on the bullhorn, I observed another KUWG pushing a leaflet through a van window to the enquiring driver. We all handed out both KUWG leaflets and the specially made ‘Tony COX is innocent’ leaflets a member had made during that week.

At one point a KUWG went into the JCP then quickly emerged saying staff were calling the police because she was outside with us but had then gone inside. She had gone in alone, not with the rest of us. The police did not turn up.

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