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Sunday, 19 June 2016

Unite Community-sponsored 'Inequality Bus Tour' (2014) and tenancy rights-related post

This blog post in its original form has attracted over 1,000 viewings since April 2014 — making it this blog's 'All Time Greatest Hits' (since May 2012) #2. As most viewings of this blog have been sourced via Google searches, maybe it deserves an encore with a bit of present looking back rewording? This blog administrator may not have been well enough to attend the 'Kill the Housing Bill' himself yesterday, but he can still make his presence known as an opponent of the Housing & Planning Bill 2016. Or is that an Act of Parliament yet?

Whichever, if it is an Act it certainly needs repealing!

KUWGAs leafleted Kilburn Jobcentre to publicise Unite Community-sponsored 'Inequality Bus Tour'

Inequality Bus Tour went through Kilburn on Saturday 26 April 2014. Get on board!

KUWG placard: Zero Compassion Contracts? No Thanks
Some baldies are more discreet than others

Out and proud! Sunbathing, Kilburn Unemployed Workers Group Activist style

What are you laughing at?

What were we advertising? See below
The leaflet from Unite the Union Community Section reads:


The Housing Inequality Bus Tour is coming to you! Saturday 26th April 2014


We are bringing
  • Music
  • Refreshments
  • Useful information that can help with your housing problems
Hop on the bus to find out more about what is causing London's housing crisis and what we are doing about it.


  • 32 Cambridge Avenue NW6, 1pm Approx.
  •  Bishops Avenue N2, 1:30pm Approx.
  • West Hendon Estate NW9: 2pm Apprx.
  • Jubilee Sports Centre, W10: 2:45pm Approx.
  • South Kilburn Estate — Peel Precinct, NW6. 3:30pm Approx.

Our tour visits places in London that show the harsh human consequences of our housing crisis.

Soaring private sector rents, sale of social homes, evictions due to welfare reform and gentrification, and the use of London's houses as investment properties for excessively walthy people, all meaning that ordinary people are finding it increasingly difficult to live in the city. These are things we don't have to accept. A home is your right, our city is for living in!

Organised by Unite the union Community section and local housing groups

Facebook: Unitetheunion1
Twitter: @unitetheunion

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