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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

A suicide due to eviction, social housing, and the London Stock Exchange

Thanks to John  Healy for this. BBC Radio's 'File on 4': What Price Social Housing

Programme blurb:
"The government wants 170,000 new affordable homes by 2015. But with social landlords under pressure from spending cuts and benefit reforms, can they deliver? Fran Abrams reports."

The bit about the suicide due to the emotional stress brought on by eviction of N Firminger appears between the 3mins 11secs-6mins 30secs slot, with input from his close friend Nic Griffiths. The program then expands into the 'bigger picture' situation about WHY Genesis Housing has launched itself on the Stock Market. A far cry from the ideals of Genesis Housing Association's founder!

If and when the murky 'world of high finance' comes crashing down, who will the rubble crash down on?


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