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Wednesday, 30 October 2013



THIS IS ONLY A DRAFT AGENDA AND ORDERING OF THE SECTIONS AND SUBSECTIONS MAY REQUIRE SHIFTING BECAUSE OF URGENCY. Perhaps it may be advantageous if our guest speakers make their presentation after the reports and discussion section?
  1. Gather as soon after 3pm as possible and appoint/select facilitator/chairperson and minute-taker
  2. Present
  3. Apologies: Brian, Clarence,Lexie, Marie, Robin
  4. Cases and Members' Wellbeing (Pt 1)
  5. Break
  6. Draft Minutes of group meetings held 24 October 2013 and any matters arising
  7. Guest Speakers: Nick Phillips of London Unemployed Strategies and TUC Press Secretary to disucuss joint-working possibilities
  8. Reports and discussion of recent actions and current and emerging campaigns
    NB: Dates set out below are generally in date order rather than order of urgency and relevance to KUWG, and this is a DRAFT agenda. Clarence has expressed a desire to draft a leaflet combining the items coloured red below.
    1. Report back from Monday 28 October 'Claimants' Right to be Accompanied at Jobcentre interviews' demo — DEFERRED TILL ROBIN'S RETURN
    2. Report back from Tuesday 29 October Utopia Workshop planning at Willesden Trades Hall — DEFERRED TILL ROBIN'S RETURN
    3. Toward KUWG logo for flags, etc — DEFERRED TILL RETURN OF CLARENCE AND ROBIN.
    4. Elizabeth is having problems re the place that she has been forced to move to, the deposit for that place and what she is being charged for it
    5. Workshop prospectus, including replacing Alan as Work Programme Conditionality and Precarity Workshop co-organiser
      • Duties/responsibilities include Co-ordinating with Robin and workshop speaker Anne Gray over prospective dates that are mutually acceptable to group, speaker [not Thursdays and not a weekday that is the 10th of the month or nearest working day] and venue.
    6. Monday 4 November: Communication Workers Union strike — what can KUWG do to support this?
    7. Tuesday 5 November @ Willesden Magistrates Court, 448 Willesden High Road, NW10 2DZ: Demo in support of Herbert against summons by Brent Council re Council Tax arrears. Might this be part of another mass-summons?
    8. Tuesday 5 November: People's Assembly Against Austerity 'Bonfire of Austerity' events
    9. Wednesday 6 November: Mark faces eviction bailiffs and requires support to stop this.
    10. Request from Brum Claimants Union in West Midlands for a KUWG member to visit them toward helping get them 'off the ground'. What information could we require of them?
  9. KUWG Finances
  10. AOB, incl Cases (Pt 2) if necessary, and prompt exit by 5:30pm, with non-compulsory deposits of a financial nature into hat, tables and chairs put back in storage space.

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