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Tuesday, 22 October 2013



  1. Gather as soon after 3pm as possible and appoint/select facilitator/chairperson and minute-taker
  2. Present
  3. Apologies
  4. Cases and Members' Wellbeing (Pt 1)
  5. Break
  6. Draft Minutes of group meetings held 17 October 2013 and any matters arising
  7. Appeal to the Edge Fund for sponsorship of a summer 'know your rights' training camp on Isle of Wight, etc. Discussion led by Robin
  8. Reports and discussion of recent actions and current and emerging campaigns:
    1. Clarence and Alan to report back on Camden Trades Council meeting Thursday 17 October and CTC's award to KUWG of a £35 'affiliation fee'
    2. Camberwell Green Magistrates Court demo, Friday 18 October
    3. High Court Vigil re DWP's assertion that Work Capability Assessment is 'fit for purpose'
    4. Fall-out from Kilburn Jobcentre guided tour and what this does for Justice for Herbert and All Claimants
    5. Request from Brum Claimants Union in West Midlands for a KUWG member to visit them toward helping get them 'off the ground'
    6. Proposal from Nick Phillips of London Unemployed Strategies for him to visit us on Thursday 31 Octobe with TUC Press Secretary for guest speaker slot about joint-working and possible help from TUC re media contacts
      • KUWG Secretary's proposal by Alan that Nick Phillips of London Unemployed Strategies, and Pilgrim tucker of Unite Community be added to Kilburn Unemployed googlegroup to streamline joint-working through enabling them to input directly to googlegroup rather than necessitating that Secretary forwards their responses on multi-recipient messages. (See below for Alan's motion)
    7. Replacing Alan as Work Programme Conditionality and Precarity Workshop co-organiser
      • Duties/responsibilities include Co-ordinating with Robin and workshop speaker Anne Gray over prospective dates that are mutually acceptable to group, speaker [not Thursdays and not a weekday that is the 10th of the month or nearest working day] and venue.
    8. Other events and campaigns
  9. AOB, incl Cases (Pt 2) if necessary, and prompt exit by 5:30pm, with non-compulsory deposits of a financial nature into hat, tables and chairs put back in storage space.

KUWG Secretary's proposal re partnership working and the Kilburn Unemployed google group

The KUWG Secretary proposes that -- pending the agreement of Nick Phillips of London Unemployed Strategies and Pilgrim Tucker of Unite Community -- the e-mail addresses of Nick Phillips and Pilgrim Tucker be added to the Kilburn Unemployed Workers Group google group.

This would facilitate unomoderated sending by Nick and Pilgrim to the KUWG and thus eliminate the necessity of KUWG Secretary forwarding to the google group Nick's or Pilgrim's replies to correspondence that Nick and/or Pilgrim have been copied into.

(Such sending and receiving rights on the Kilburn Unemployed google group are usually the sole preserve of KUWG members; but including Nick and Pilgrim on the google group would most probably cut down on the KUWG Secretary's workload.)

Proposer: Alan Wheatley, KUWG Secretary

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