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Monday, 14 October 2013

"Those who give the order seldom see the mess it makes" — from 'The Trojan Women' by Euripides, adapted by Jean-Paul Sartre

Kilburn Unemployed Workers Group activist [kuwga] Giselle does not claim social security benefits but joined the KUWG to channel her rage against the lies and abuse committed by UK government against those of us who are in the 99+ per cent who are legitimate claimants of social security payments.

Commenting via the Kilburn Unemployed google group, she writes:

"stirling work on the blog, looks very good and dynamic. I found this link and thought it might be good on the blog."

So here goes for the intro to that external Web content:

Sparkhill Job Centre Closed Yesterday After Sanctioned Claimant Smashes Windows

Sparkhill Job Centre was closed today after five windows were smashed by a claimant who it appears had been sanctioned by an advisor at the centre. No staff were hurt in the attack. The attack highlights the effect on people of the savage sanctions regime put in place by Iain Duncan-Smith and the tories in charge of the DWP. This is far from the only time a desperate claimant has been placed in a position where the only response they have is one of anger or pain. Last year a claimant set themselves on fire outside Selly Oak job centre, and staff at JCPs have been given training to deal with suicidal claimants.....
Facebook users can inspect what Giselle has done for the KUWG Facebook at
 Facebook: Kilburn Unemployed Workers Group


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