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Monday, 21 October 2013

High Court challenge vs WCA, Monday 21 October 2013

Photos from Lunchtime Vigil Against the Work Capability Assessment outside the High Court Today

Photos by Tracey Dunn
Camera loan and a little placard text sharpening by Swheatie in the final digital images

Swheatie of the Kilburn Unemployed Workers Group attended this vigil aimed at pointing out to the Department for Work and Pensions [sic] and passers by how rotten the Work Capability Assessment that successive UK governments have sold their souls to since 2008 actually is. (See previous blog entry below about the Mental Health Resistance Network's initial victory in the courts over this, that has led the DWP to try defend its own lack of mercy in the Hight Court over the issue.)

Liverpool-based journalist Tracey Dunn who works with Nerve Magazine was on hand with a few other journalists including Kate Belgrave who writes for the Guardian and New Statesman, and witnessed the demonstration from Mental Health Resistance Network, Crossroads Women's Centre, Croydon Disabled People Against the Cuts and 'a taxpayer' disgusted at the fact that taxpayers' money was not supporting the economically vulnerable but making Atos stinking rich — and megaphone vying with local pneumatic drills.  The main speaker was from the Mental Health Resistance Network, displaying a message related to Daid Cameron's solution to fuel poverty: "Hey, David Cameron, You can shove your inhumane and unjust policies and your jumpers where the sun does not shine!"

Access to justice?

And Tracey proved very helpful in operating Swheatie's camera after hearing why Swheatie was there.

As Swheatie and Crossroads Women's Centre's Didi were leaving, reinforcements arrived from People First and Disabled People Against the Cuts.

Post Script
Tracey Dunn's article on the vigil, including a video by Kate Belgrave, can now be seen at
Nerve Magazine - Atos Vigil at the Royal Courts of Justice

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