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Saturday, 19 October 2013

Check these out in Red Pepper magazine!

  • Privatisation/dismantling of our NHS, railways and schools and the half-truths told to con the public into accepting privatisation as the way to go
  • Detroit: the city they couldn't destroy
  • Prison reform
  • Student activism

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Mythbuster: Health warning

By repackaging privatisation as ‘reform’, the government has tried to sell voters the idea of dismantling the health service. Jacky Davis exposes the main marketing myths behind the NHS giveaway

A world without prisons

Inmates in California began a hunger strike in July, sparking renewed debate about the use of solitary confinement in US prisons. Nicole Vosper offers a personal response and a vision for a world beyond bars

Detroit: the city they can't destroy

Detroit’s bankruptcy made global headlines last summer. Tawana Petty considers the state’s undemocratic takeover – and the people’s work to rejuvenate their city from the ground up

Campus campaigning: student activism goes local

The flames of the 2010/11 student movement haven’t been entirely extinguished. Hattie Craig and Roz Burgin examine the new look of campus-based resistance

Getting back on track: an alternative to private railways

There is a growing consensus that rail privatisation has failed, but an alternative doesn’t have to mean a new centralised bureaucracy, writes Paul Salveson

Red Pepper Mythbusters
includes: references to dismantling of social security system; and what's really behind Con-Dem schools policies

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